Welcome to Loreto Primary School

The Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM), also known as Loreto, was founded by Mary Ward at St. Omar in Flanders in 1609.
Today Loreto schools can be found on 5 continents. The first South African school was opened in Pretoria in 1878.
Loreto Convent, Strand opened on 1 February 1925 with three pupils. The number soon increased to nine. Over the years the number steadily increased and classes ranged from Sub A to Standard 10. As a result of the high running costs the boarding school closed in 1974 and the school continued only as a primary school. Due to the decreasing number of Loreto Sisters, the Sisters entrusted the continuation of Loreto Primary School to a Board of Governors in 1989.
The first lay principal was Miss Athena Annasiadis. There were approximately 140 pupils at this time. In 1995 the Grade R class opened. In 2004 the status of the school changed to public on private property.