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About us

The Loreto Crest

Loreto Emblem 1

This beautiful and familiar crest is the badge that Loreto learners wear, since it distinguishes them as children of Mary. The words Maria Regina Angelorum, mean Mary Queen of Angels.

The place of honour in the design is the Holy Cross, the emblem of our salvation, to take the Lord’s invitation to take up our cross daily and follow him through the difficult paths of our lives.

The Sacred Heart crowned with the cross helps us realise that love is stronger than death, and from this we may draw the strength we need to deal with sorrow and difficulties.

The heart of Mary, our Queen and Mother, encourages us to imitate her and embrace generously all that is needed for our salvation.

The Anchor of Hope is placed in our hands to keep us firm and steadfast amidst the storms of life.

“Cruci dum spiro fido”, the words that mean – ‘In the Cross, while I breathe, I trust.’

Loreto School Song

Our school is proudly built
On the values of Mary Ward
Her God-filled life
Was like a flourishing tree
She found her walk with God
Brought balance in life.
She had integrity,
This servant of God.

Put your faith in Jesus Christ
Have respect for one another
Be an instrument of Peace,
Love your neighbour as yourself.

God bless our school today,
We are grateful
For what you gave
Make us obedient to your call.
Help us to love you
With all our hearts.
In you we live and move
And have our being.

Put your faith in Jesus Christ
Have respect for one another
Be an instrument of Peace,
Love your neighbour as yourself.

Loreto School, Loreto
Praise the Lord give Him glory.
Loreto School, Loreto
Praise the Lord give Him glory.

Vision Statement

We, the Loreto School, strive to be a vibrant, holistic and all-inclusive learning community, where each learner is valued and nurtured towards their own full potential.

We endeavour to respect the freedom and dignity of all, and to develop personal integrity, moral courage and social responsibility.

Inspired by Jesus Christ, we promote our distinctive Catholic character and reflect the vision of empowerment by our foundress Mary Ward.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be an all-inclusive value-centred community that provides a distinctive faith-based learning experience that will contribute to the academic, moral and spiritual formation that develops and fosters each learner’s gifts and potential.

By means of:

  • Acknowledging and nurturing each learner to develop towards their full academic potential.
  • Providing a safe, disciplined and challenging environment for learning.
  • Nurturing a sense of social justice through community outreach programmes, environmental responsibility and civic awareness
  • Providing and environment of respect and inclusiveness of culture, faith diversity and mutual understanding
  • Creating an environment where learners, educators, staff and families are united working together towards the School’s vision
  • Having Religious Education and the Catholic Ethos of the school firmly based on the Gospel and sound Christian principles and practices
  • Preparing and empowering learners for a life of service in the global community and/or society

Religious Dimension of the School Life
“God’s glory is shown in each person who is fully alive”

Based on the values and vision of our founder Mary Ward, and true to the tradition established by the IBVM order, the formation imparted at Loreto gives priority to the integration of the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical and emotional development of the individual person of the child. Relationships within Loreto education are characterised by respect, justice, honesty and compassion.
The Loreto School community is part of the local and universal Catholic Church, in a multi-faith school environment where religious celebrations and experiences nourish and deepen the spirituality of each and every person and emphasise the values shared by the different faith traditions.
The Religious Education at Loreto aims

  • to teach about religion, so that the religious dimension of life is understood and valued
  • to educate through religion, to form and inform the conscience, enabling sound moral choices
  • to ready Loreto children for religion, enabling them to live their religious tradition in a committed and meaningful way.